NA 197 - RahimYarKhan-VI

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  • Its a PPP seat, real contest is going to be b/w Raees Munir of Q leage, who won this seat on PPP ticket last time and afterwords become LOTA. But he is a very storng candidate.

    PPP candidate Raees Mehboob is his uncle but not a very strong candidate, but may be he get PPP sympathy votes.

  • Why Makhdoom Ahmed mehmood is not contesting from this seat?

  • Well neither Raees Munir and Raees Mehboob won. It turned out that although Raees Mehboob's BA degree passed scrutiny (how?), turned out his FA was fake. It was challenged by Raees Munir and might be the reason why Raees Mehboob asked his supporters on the night before the elections to vote for the only other candidate left: Sardar Arshad Leghari (who himself was a backup candidate Sardar Azhar Leghari who himself was disqualified on account of his BA degree. Although Raees Mehboob changed his mind on election day and went around supporting Raees Munir, I guess by this time it was too late and Sardar Arshad Leghari won big time on the PML(N) ticket with more than 35,000 vote difference.

  • In 2008, N's Arshad Leghari won easily against Rasis Munir of Q after Rais Mahboob of PPP had fake degree.

    This time, if Rais family gets united, they'll be able to defeat Legharis of N.

  • I heard raees munir has joind PMLN ?

  • eers99 Bhai..

    dear Raees Muneer has joined PMLN...

  • so who will be the candidate from pmln , leghari or raees munir ?

  • N knows how to accommodate.

    One will run for MNA and the other for MPA, I believe

  • @ zsd

    jis pe makhdom ahmad haath rakhay ga wo mna ka ticket le lay ga