“Victimization of Judiciary to make Pakistan a Failed state”.

  • “Victimization of Judiciary to make Pakistan a Failed state”.

    Only solution for fixing the problem of any failed state is to strengthen the accountability and Judicial system of that state, but unfortunately rudy rulers of Pakistan who even do not have basic ability to work with others are continuously and persistently victimizing the Accountability and Judiciary system of the state to make Pakistan a Failed state.

    Damage to Judicial system By Dictator Pervez Musharaf:

    This under graduate General has caused serious damage to Judicial system of Pakistan, He was not knowing that in history when a dictator throw away any judge on street due to fair practices of justice then that Judge becomes the greatest judge of history, In Karachi on 12-05-2007, so many civilians were killed just to damage and abuse the Judicial system of Pakistan.

    Victimization of Judicial System of Pakistan by PPP Government:

    Criminal and corrupted leaders of PPP, most of them are former prisoners of immoral crimes are continuously creating hurdles and problems for already crippled and damaged system of Justice in Pakistan, Due to failure of all state institutes and Organizations people of Pakistan are living painful lives but rulers are having no mercy on them, in fact they want to make judiciary a subordinate institute which should make decisions as per their desires and wishes, following are few examples of victimization of judiciary by present rulers

    • Use of Immunity against his crimes by President, which clearly indicates that he is not sincere and do not believe in equality of all in the eyes of law and thus showing an example to people, how to insult and undermine Law and Justice system of the state.

    • Interference in the appointment of judges without consulting Chief Justice, which clearly indicates that he wants to irritate the judiciary.

    • Creating deliberately crisis with Judiciary, which clearly indicates the he is not sincere and interested in the stability of state.

    • Using issue of Seniority in appointment of Judges in Supreme court for confrontation with judiciary clearly indicates PPP desire to blackmail judges, where was the issue of seniority when PPP was selecting a child for the post of PPP Chairman, what a insult for grey and white haired PPP leaders sitting as subordinate in front of a College student Bilawal.

    • President has not consulted even not informed to Chief Justice before issuing notification for appointment of Judges in Supreme court, similarly as he had not consulted even not informed to President of PPP Mr. Ameen Faheem before appointing Prime Minister of Pakistan, are these the ethics of working in a civilized society.

    Moreover with such menial mentality now Prime Minister is blackmailing the judiciary by giving threats that Judges could be removed from their seats, its means that by removing Judges these criminal politicians will do a great job as their spiritual leader Mr.Pervez Musharaf has done a great job by blackmailing and victimizing judiciary, But it is expected that Judges will face all such tactics with bravery and patience and will sacrifice their personnel interests, posts and facilities for the sake of justice and humanity like Imam Abu Haniefa, and Imam Abu Hanbal against these criminal and tyrant rulers.

    So that a history could be made in which names of these judges will be written with golden words.

  • A nice article by Niazi Sahib!

    I hope judiciary would continue doing its job. During this time it should also get rid of any remaining corrupt judges so that what Musharraf did in the past, and following his example what Zardari attempted to do recently would never be repeated again.

  • since you bring judiciary in again,

    The crimes of iftikhar muhammad chaudry may have been forgiven by people of Pakistan but the damage cannot be undone by few suo moto notices. These judges have to much blood on their hands, 17th amendment has saved them from the gallows but does not make them moral again.

    Aaj bhi in ki himmat nahi parti ke Musharaf ke daur ki corruption per action lein, I hope judiciary starts doing it job, starts writing its own decisions, stops ignoring Musharraf era corruption because these judges were taking their cuts back then, these corrupt army stooges are unlikely to do any thing except destabilize democracy and civilian government to pave way for dictators.

  • This is important to know why 'aaj bhi in ki himmat nahi parti ke Musharaf ke daur ki corruption per action lein'.

    Who holds that magic wand preventing CJ and SC to perform their duties honestly?

  • If in India,Indira Ghandhi could be put behind bars,for violating law,then why not any ruler of Pakistan,there should be no immunity to any one specially if some one has committed moral crimes.

    If we shall continue to give immunity to rulers,

    Then they will continue to kill people like Yahya and Bhutto both of them have killed of 3 million PEOPLE OF East Pakistanies.

    Then they will continue to kill people like Musharaf who has killed so many people of Afghanistan and NWFP.

    If rulers think they have right to make laws,then why they are protecting themselves from the law of land.

    If Law minister is earning his bread and butter from practice of law then why now he is trying to victimize law.

    Use of poilitics and politicians to hide crimes and to victimize law must not be accepted at any cost.

  • Democracy is a desease in which judiciary cann't be procured

    Struggling for judiciary in democracy is as u are wasting ur time,

    So first thing is to change the society, establish a system then u will se how judiciary work

  • It is the universal justice Practice to support peoples against power of Governments.

    It is the moral responsibility of PPP not to force and persuade its cases when in power, they should bring their cases in courts when they will not be in power.

    Forcing courts to make decisions in the favuor of Governments is itself injustice.

  • Victimization of Defense Forces By PPP.

    PPP corrupt rulers have destroyed each and every institution of Pakistan,now in the end of game they want to show their performance on defence forces and judiciary.They want to do same treatment with these institutions which they have done with PIA,RAILWAY and Pakistan Steel Mill.

    Now corrupted Prime Minister is demanding that armed forces should be under him, because he can save his face and skin from allegations of treason and corruption, and so that these can kill more people extra juidicially as they have killed by drones in FATA in the name of war on terrorism.

    On one side they demand armed forces should be under them and on other side having designs to cap Pakistan nuclear programm so that breaking of Pakistan can be made an easy job for recording their name in the history, because they are very fond of making history.

    Which is obvious from memogate scandal, and these corrupted rulers are making each and every effort to decrease and diminish the value of this conspiracy and trying to hide their this red handed capture crime.What a great supreme commnaders who are not allowing to investigate a matter related with the security and defense of the nation.

    Moreover making objections on Director General ISI, that why he has started the investigation of this conspiracy.

    If DG ISI, do not have authority to monitor,to investigate,

    to collect information, to collect evidence from any one whether friend or enemy, from inside or outside Pakistan, in day or night, if he has no such permission and freedom then what the purpose of his job, even a very humble inspector can not perform his job if he has not been given freedom to work and gain information from any where,at any time and from any one, and in fact no one should interfere his duties.

  • M Akram khan Niazi sazi sahab..

    Quran says jis ne aik shakhs to Qatal kiya us ne sare jahan ko Qatal Kiya.

    What CJ has done for...

    12 May victims whose only cause to be killed was for CJ himself.

    Lal mosque 100 killed.

    Missing persons who were always seen for CJ restuaration.

    Bugti murder case.

    ISI mony case.

    Memo case is only political

  • The problem with our judiciary is that it is still based on the colonial laws system of 1860. The judiciary established by the colonial regime was meant for keeping the society under control. There was no aim of dispensing justice for the protection of common people. The lawyers are simply bribing agents and the judges are simply bribers.

    Do any crime and pay bribes proportionately to get released.

    Iftikahr Chaudhary's movement was evidently financed by some anti-Musharaff forces. The aim was not to facilitate the public with justice. It was just a bribed movement.

  • @ well said Hussain Farooqi;

    Position of juciciary should always be above favratism.

    We all know zardari opposed CJ to be restored and Nawaz helped CJ for their own causes.

    After restauration CJ only focused on cases to get Zardari nothing else was done to provide fair judicial system to common people.

  • Iftikahr Chaudhary did not stand against Mushraff with the help of public masses but the corrupt political parties. The support of the political parties was just a political move against the regime. There was no sincere intention of ensuring justice to the public.


    This memo was deliberately sent through a bad guy without any signature to make ensure that no one will be able to trace and detect the origin and source.

    If it was going directly to Mr.Mullen with SIGNATURE then it was without any doubt going to become the part of american official record and instead of Mr.Mansoor Mr.Mullen was going to be talking about the whole story of this memo to world and recording in his classified records and memoirs as they have done with the comments of Zardari and Gillani about Drones attacks.Sender was well known with the policy of Americans not to hide any thing.Therefore sender sent this memo in such a crude way.

    But sender made a mistake due to modern technology of BLACK berry,because only through these machines a system can be made and maintained, otherwise defenders, protecters and lawyers of criminals by using loop holes in laws will continue to protect criminals for making money and bread and luxuries of their lives.

    Making money by defending criminals in courts is an unpleasant business.

    Written by:


  • Once Cowasjee remarked through a public media that there is no value of court decisions in Pakistan.

    A contempt of court notice was on the way to Cowasjee. When he was asked about his concerns for a contempt of court notice, he simply showed a file containing the copies of a lot of court decisions which were never implemented. He openly proved that there is no value of court decisions in Pakistan.

    Junejo's regime was not restored despite the court decision. During Nawaz's regime, the then CJ was thrashed up in the court premises.

  • I don't understand, why so many peoples are shortsighted, and can't see behind their personal, political wishes and interests. Why They don't care rule of law, impartiality and neutrality.

    Most of this higher judiciary is pco judiciary, whom was serving very good to a dictatorship for 8 years. They were giving every judgement,according to wishes of dictator. In 2007 chief justice Ch. Iftakhar only rebel when he was asked to resign.

    Since their restoration they have one point agenda, Go Zardari Go. After restoration, this judiciary is totally partial and politically revenge motivated, against Zardari and PPP. Because Zardari was reluctant to restore them. This judiciary want only targeted justice against Zardari. They don't care anybody else from opposition.

    On the other hand, this judiciary is totally favorable for Nawaz Sharif and other opposition. Most cases related to them, has been decided in their favors, or ignored to give them favor.

    Last 4 years PPP government has been hostage by this judiciary through their political and revenge motivated judicial activism. They are playing political game and interfering in every matter relate to executive to benefit Nawaz Sharif and other opposition.

    They are ignoring constitution and interfering in constitutional amendments. Constitutional role of executive, in appointment and transfer of judges has been refused. Presidential immunity has been ignored again and again. Even constitutional amendments from parliament has been rejected through their judicial activism.

    Leg pulling in every matter, from judiciary, of this low performing government, is worsening efficiency of government. This attitude is making even worse economic situation of Paksitan.

  • On one side corrupt rulers are making objection on DG ISI for going abroad for investigating memo, while on other side these corrupted rulers allowed hundreds of other country spies to come in Pakistan with no objection certificates to investigate each and every home of Pakistanies and even Personel Identification record of whole Pakistani nation from NADRA was given to foreign spies and foreign nations.

  • Judiciary victimizes politcial parties, political parties victimizes judiciary, establishment victimizes political parties and political parties fight with establishment, media fights with political parties and political parties victimize media.

    How come there is not victimization or fight between media, establishment and judiciary.

    Why cant the pillars of a strong nation act and play their role without victimizing each other.

    a) We dont deserve smooth sailing

    b) We dont have any history or culture of tolerance.

  • The principle of the British style judiciary is"show us the face, we shall describe the law". The same British style judiciary has always been existent in Pakistan since the time of independence.

  • Juidiciary should be encouraged for taking actions to bring corrupted leaders on right path.

  • M. Akram

    All the corruption is only in one party, all other department and parties are fine.

    I am really a common man i never have experience any job in fedral/provencial departments without bribery. If is it then you have to wait a lot and get lot trips and then you calculate the economy impact and you feel it is better and cheap way to give some bribe rather then to do in right way.