NA 194 - RahimYarKhan-III

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  • This is the constituency of Makhdooms.

    Makhdoom Rukn ud din and Makhdoom Shah ud din are traditional rivals, winning back and forth.

    In 2002, Makhdoom Khusru Bakhtiar defeated his uncle, Makhdoom Shah ud din.

    In 2008, Makhdoom Shahab defeated Khusru Bakhtiar. Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood got 34,000 votes.

    This time, Makhdoom Shahab is facing case in the court but still I believe, he'll campaign vigorously against Makhdoom Rukn ud din group.

    This time, I think Khusru Bakhtiar has an upper hand.

    Since BB visited Rahim Yar Khan last election, PPP bagged all NA seats in Rahim Yar khan except NA 195 ( Tareen ) and NA 197 ( Arshad Leghari PML-N ) due to disqualification of of Rais Mehboob ( fake degree )