Why Stupid Politicians Dont Want to Construct KALABAGH DAM

  • Why KALABAGH DAM is not being constructed? Why these stupid politicians don't want this DAM to be constructed? Do this nation don't realize yet what these politicians has given to us?

  • because politicians are thinking and looking for there self interests only

  • Dont we have to now openly beat such a politicians? Who are thieves and don't care for the interest of this nation!!

    Logoou uthoou and unite for this land. Akhair ko hum awaam ko he tou yaan rehna hai, ye sab politicians to shaam perte hee yaan se Europe ya America nikaal jian gay!!!


  • openly beat? why?

    because we are also concerned about our self interest such as job or transfer or safarish, or contract etc etc

  • adnan045

    Firstly ,it was not politicians but 'Bloody Generals' who created this issue of Kalabagh.

    There are servere reservations against the construction of this dam from 3 out of 4 units of federation. How this dam is more important than federation at all ?

  • On one side we are blaming India for stealing our water for generation of electricity and irrigation,but question is if we waste our water ourselves in sea as sea fishes are thirsty or as there is shortage of rain on the sea while it is sea which receive the larger portion of rain as compared to land then infact India is doing a noble thing and we Pakistanies by wasting sweet water in the sea, are doing a crime and sin against humanity.

  • The foolish reasons on the basis of which we wasting River Indus water in the sea and the way we Pakistanies are Victimimizing and abusing River Indus due to provincialism and ethoncentrism and not utilizing for cultivation of land,not building dams like Kalabgh and other dams and by not using for generation of electricity, it is expected that India will not allow us to do such malpracties in future and will take all advantages by utilizing Indus water itself for welfare of its own population and it is certain that world community will support India.


    Sindhis living in Thataa & Badin are not fishes. They are 'INSAAN' .

  • this is a technical matter turned into a political case

    technical experts agree that there is NO alternative to this solution, either implement this solution or accept to live in darkness and hunger

  • Mr. Rajput,it will be better to use water of Indus in the desert of Tharparkar and land between Karachi and Hyderabad,and further beyond Karachi and coastal areas of Makran,but also in state of Rajhastan and Gujrat of India but wastage in the sea or in the salt mines of Thatta is not acceptable to any sensible person or human.

  • Poisioning,contaminating and polluting the God giffted River Indus sweet water with sea water or with salts of land and mines is a crime, a sin, a cruelty and denial the blessing of God.

  • Bahiyaa,

    All the technical experts in WAPDA & world over are fools who advise the discharege of freshwater to avoid seawater intrusion.


    And secondly , who will trust PUNJAB which has been stealing resources of other provinces for decades ?

    How people of Sindh can forgiven crimial usage of CJ Link Canal against the agreement ?

    How u can defend construction of Greater Thal Canal withouth ECNIC approval ?

    Mate, there are a lot of issues in this. Its not purely technical issue, there is a humantarian aspect as well.

  • Dear Rajput, IKRAM AND SALAM,


    Above all just to remind you of the facts: all the major infrastructure and industries were build during the military rules. If not agree then search about construction of Terbela Dam, Mangla Dam and industrial revolution in pak were started during the Gen. Ayub Khan.

    The question is not about GENERALS, the question is about PAKISTAN and if blady politicians are able to deliver then someone will come forward. This land is not for-granted land where some group of stupid politicians for their own interests are hindering the development of this NATION.

    Stand up against all those factors which dont want this nation to develop. The first step is to get rid of stupid politicans, who have given this nation nothing excepts problems.

  • Baglihar Dam,Thal canal,Chashma Jehlum Canal,Kalabgh Dam,Basha dam,Ghazi Brotha Dam,Sukkur Barrage,Guddu Barrage are diamonds and necklace of river Indus,Use of water for any human purpose even by stealing is acceptable but wastage in the sea or in the salt mines of coastal ares is not acceptable to any sensible person or human.

    Poisioning,contaminating and polluting the God giffted River Indus sweet water with sea water or with salts of land and mines is a crime, a sin, a cruelty and denial the blessing of God.

  • @Akram

    I take your words further that DAMS are necessary, to overcome the water and power shortages.


    May ALLAH help us by getting rid of these stupid politicians.

  • well, then we got to get rid of colonial leftover infrastructure that is giving life to these parasites-

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @adnan045: @Salam: I have been saying the same, for a long! time.

    I agree.

  • kala bagh has been a successfully used as a tool of attention diversion, confusion, disunity and point of false ventilation-

    just like south punjab or similar other issues which are used for deception only for the sake of keeping the disunity and confusion

    seculars can never solve these kind of key issues

  • adnan045

    I m a punjabi rajput for last 5000 years, muslim for 500 years and (fortunatley / unfortunately) a pakistani for last 60 years. Why should i loose my identity as a punjabi ?

    About major infrastructure development , Mangla / Tarbella and link canals, they wree result of a general rather field marshal selling the 3 rivers to India ? Please blame politicians for that as well.

    Unity can come only when all deperived nations of Pakistan are given their due rights and --PAK ARMY and punjab stops stealing their resources in the name of 'PAKISTAN'

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Salam: Why should secular people resolve this issue when they are getting paid to keep brewing up these issues ?

    @RajputPuttar: ALL nations of Pakistan ? Stealing water ?

    Doesn't the water end up in Arabian Sea and get wasted ?

    What did ALL 'those nations' as per your colourful metaphor do to stop it ?