Only article 6 can give stability.. Do we have enough courage

  • As expected and in line with the history of nation as soon as nation has given a clear verdict we have hundreds of preacher of cautious approach on our tv screens. We will be threatened again and made understood that we should not punish mush otherwise democracy will go again. I have two problems a. In my opinion this threat has only one permanent solution implement article 6 and on general would ever dare again. Avoiding this will have permanent threat on. B. If we dont do this we wont ever have moral right to call ourselves a democratic country and we should amend the constitution to allow such take overs and clearly tell people what their real worth is. Nations become great by practicing high values and following the rules which they agree as society. History tells us justice and rule of law for their own people remained the foundation stone of success from greek to us today. Question is do we have enough collective courage and wisdom to implement our constitution and give required punishment to mush under article 6. Otherwise we dont have any right to punish any criminal in this country no matter how serious the crime is. People are hanged because they dont have power to hostage the nation like generals did and we have shown enough impotency as a nation.

  • Unfortunately we do not have a courage; but I agree with you Article 6 will bring stability. It may look very disturbing and out of place at the time of hapenning. But 'Jabar of History' after 10 years will tell us that it was right thing to do.

  • But who will bring the courage...?

  • only one man in this planet,,,,,,one man can take this step,,,,,one man can bring this change,,,,,,,,,one man can remove my man,,,,,one man,,,,,,,

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    general pervez musharaf,,,,,,army cheif,,,,,president of pakistan,,,,,,lol,,

    u been waiting waiting,,,,,,,,,even idiots win election,,,,,,still cannt decide what to do,,,,lol,,

    so next election PMLQ and MQM,,,,,my man on top,,,,,lol,,

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  • Courage!

    something drastic has to be done, an uncontrolable youth movement or something graphic will be needed!

    something really urdu they say, laton ke bhoot bataon se naheen mantay!


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  • Laton waala illaj is actually for the governing bodies! the entity called awam is already being barbequed!


  • wasey mulla jee,,,,,,,,,thats too much english for me ,,,,,,,if u could explain more briefly that be very helpfull for me and my fellow viewers,,,,,,lol,,

    or maybe your english is much better,,,,,,,,,,,than the english ppl in politics,,,,,

  • Riz my friend your man has one chance to show courage. . . Face trial in the court for what he did with constitution. . . I tell you he pissed before colin powell hung up and he does that daily with the fear of a trial. After all he should have a courage like my leader to spend sometime behind bars. After all politics does not mean govt for life you have to taste other things too.

  • lmao,,,,,,,u see how clearly u have said your plan,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

    imagine,,,,,,,how fast pakistan intallegence move,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this kind of plan may help your leader,,,,,,,,,today nothing more,,,,,,

    but after 5 years when he going to be ready ,,,,,,,,what he trying to do,,,,,,,lol

    he will die before even come to parliment,,,,,,,,,,if your plan works,,,,

    i dont know what u gonna do this tom and jerry relationship between,,,,,,nawas idiot and zardari idiot,,,,,,lol

  • I thought its a good idea to carry on with existing thread instead of new one. I need feedback and brain storming from other members. It is about trial of Musharaf and rule of law.

    I agree with the importance of this trial and I also agree with dragging other collaborators in this trial. This is something I would like to suggest, please put up your suggestions.

    There are so many if and buts in this issue, and one cannot deny the reluctance of Pak Army to humiliate its ex-chief. However, in my opinion if army got the assurance that Musharaf won't be hanged then they may agree. These sequence of events may satisfy all parties to certain extent, there may be some political fall out but end will be good for the country.

    1. Govt. start proceeding against Musharaf for abrogating constitution on Nov 3rd.

    2. SC start the trail for that action.

    3. Musharaf and some collaborators found guilty and sentenced to death.

    4. Mercy appeal filed with President Zardari and to reduce Musharaf and collaborators death penalty into life with a possibility of parole within one year (if Musharaf come back from London to serve the sentence). Simultaneously, NA pass a resolution, unanimous if possible otherwise overwhelming majority with a recommendation for Presidential Pardon. This resolution is not mandatory but President need house support to take that action. President convert Musharaf's death penalty into life with possibility of parole within 1-3 years.

    5. Musharaf and collaborators come back from London and surrender to start their sentence.

    6. Later on NA amend laws to add additional punishments and sentences for abrogation of constitution. Absence of additional penalties in this clause create big lacuna in the law and it give an impression that everybody (including collaborators) are subject to death penalty.

    This is how both legal and political requirement be met, Musharaf will be humiliated and a clear message will go to the army that don't think about any misadventure in future. Thus political system will get strength as well. I am sure majority of people don't want blood of Musharaf, they just want him to admit his mistakes and got some punishment doesn't matter if it milder one. This slap in the wrist will be considered as a major blow to holy cows of Pakistan establishment and strengthening of other pillars of state.

  • it takes more unity then courage .

    if all the political forces to join hands together while putting aside their wasted interests.

    so the army establishment as well as foreign forces can understand well ,that its the will of the public.

    like they have to let resign the dictator as soon as they find the whole nation on streets against him.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    May I recall your attention to the youtube video in which Hassan Nisar says. I believe it was the show '50 minutes' in which he says this;

    'sari dunya main aap ne hi ghaddar paida karne ka theka kyoon le rakha hai ?'

    'ghaddar aik khas environment main paida hote hain'

    I visualize Rafi to be promoting more of the same.

    is LAANTI insaan ko kabhi bhi law ki importance ka andaza nahi hota.

    Ye hamesha aise laws promote karta hai jis se poore muashre main fasaad phaile. Ye hamesha aisi hi LAANTI baatain karta hai, ke kisi tareeqe se qanoon ko bypass kar de

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    What message do you want to send to the entire world, if you want;

    • traitors

    • mass murderers of Pakistani people on behest of foreign powers

    • looters/plunderers of state resources

    • saboteurs of national causes like Kashmir issue

    to go Scott free?

    ARE YOU NUTS?!?!!!!!!

    If you want to let traitors go out untouched, what reason do you then have to complain about traitors within your ranks? Those who loot your national wealth? Those who kill your people on behest of foreign nations? What reason do you have left to complain then? o_O




  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Shair Khan sb. find those people in your society who are unbiased, who adhere to law, who uphold values of Islam, Muslims, to give a hint, those who UNITE Muslims, who are loyal people.

    Bring them to power. They will re-establish JUSTICE SYSTEM which obeys Islam.

    THEY will resolve ALL outstanding legal issues, from the small level to ALL national and international issues of Muslims. They will re-start efforts to resolve Kashmir issue. They will make effort for re-establishing defense pacts. They will re-establish pacts that will not only strengthen Muslims among themselves, but also will unite them.

    Find!! people like Hazrat Umar (RA, RAA), Hazrat Usman (RA, RAA), Hazrat Ali (RA, RAA)

  • This post is deleted!