Jamiat, terrorist, beating professor Iftikhar

  • lalbicho you are depending on just this one example of beating professor to evacuate the terror image of MQM from ppl's mind? what about 12th may terrorism,money extortion culture,mobile snatching incidents,Altaf's controversial statements etc nd etc...there have been so many proofs provided by members here already of MQM gangsta image but u being the blind follower of mqm wouldn't believe or agree on it...

  • hariskhan,

    """ shall only put forward my condemnation, when I see the court of law deciding that a crime was committed. And not! before."""

    You are such a shameless Jamaati who's not willing to condemn ghunda-gardi of your Jamaati brethren but trying to drag MQM here to detrack the discussion !!!!

    P.S. This thread is very specific to Jamiat's violence/ghunda-gardi in PU !

  • RhyMe,

    Plzzzzz don't detrack the discussion !!!

    You can bash MQM on other threads !

  • lalbicho lolz ok fine!

  • @RhyMe

    Thanks my friend :)