Provinces of Pakistan ---- Need to reorganized

  • I had the same post one year ago but that time scholars of thisforum appose this idea. now again I am invited you all to start this discussion again and if u check i havealready suggest the HAZARA province on this forum on may 3rd 2009 at the following post


    The full detail is given below

    I sent some mails on this issue to all well know journalist but unfortunately i am not big shot so unable to get attention. After that i wrote one small blog and presenting my idea for better administration using small administration units @ link is

    Below is the same for your attention.

    I would like to request you, please start a discussion for more provinces in Pakistan . In my opinion the structure of Pakistan state is to unstable due to 60% of population in one province and 45% of area in one province.

    If we can make each division a province is the best if not than at least 5 or 6 for Punjab 4 for Sindh, 4 for NWFP 4 Balochistan and 1 Northern area and 2 for FATA. Detail is given below

    Punjab Provinces

    Punjab east (Majhi) - Lahore division + Sailkot + Narowal districts

    Punjab north ( Pothohar) – Pindi division

    Punjab central – Faisalabad and Gujranwala division except districts includes in Punjab east

    Punjab west ( Sandal or Doaba (due to Sindh and Chinab river) - Sargoda + Deraghazi khan division

    Punjab south ( Sariki or Thal ) – Multan and Bahwalpur division

    Sindh Provinces

    Sindh South ( Kolachi) – Karachi division + Thata + Badin District

    Sindh centeral – Haider Abad + Nawab shah Divisions

    Sindh West – Larkana division and all area on west of river Sindh from Sakhar

    Sindh North – Sakhar division

    Pakhtoonkhawa Provices

    Pakhtoonkhawa west – Peshawar division

    Swat – All swat areas

    Pakhtoonkhawa south – Dera ismail khan + Banu division

    Hazara – Abbot abad and hazara jat

    Balochistan Provinces

    Balochistan north – Quetta and sibi division

    Kalat – mostly old kalat areas

    Balochistan east – lasbell + winder + khuzdar

    Balochistan west – Gawadar +Pasni + turbat and surroundings

    Federal areas

    Northern Areas

    Fata North

    Fata South

    In the above mention situation any province has maximum population of 15% of total (such as Karachi , Lahore or Faisalabad provinces) which restrict the bargaining position or monopoly of Punjab for central government. Area also not has too big in the same way so the funds should be distributed on the basis of 50% population and 50% area. I have complete idea and some how working on this but due to job problems I can’t furnish it right now but hope fully I will soon prepare this paper and send you all with fact and figures.

    My humble request to all of you, please think as Pakistani and social society professional (As columnist are the vast knowledge of social activities (Maa shara and Maa shrat) rather than any other professional) and start some discussion on this topic may be some other people come with better knowledge and ideas than me. This is my whole heartedly request for the benefits of Pakistani people


    I know u r too busy and it is difficult to reply all mails, i don't require any appreciation or my name to any where just want to float the idea for better future of Pakistan.

  • Please read this link also

  • This is a good starting point for discussion.

    Another positive it will lead to is:

    MPAs from developing areas will remain near their constituency and will be forced to deal with those issues rather than spending development buudgets elsewhere.

    In Karachi MPAs from interior Sindh, who are mainly feudals, reside in Karachi with their families and only visit their constituencies during election time.

    None of their constituent's issues are ever listened to, instead they roam around Karachi in their Prados and spending their areas development money in the city.

  • I think this isnt bad idea but I think this time we should consider the province under the mechanism of some scale instead of dividing it by likes and dislikes or demand of the people to have the province....We should follow these steps before making provinces...

    1. Build consensus that we need to have many more provinces..

    2. Came up with mechanism to which provinces are formed(like on the basis of NFC or others)

    3. Decide no. of provinces which could be managed in Pakistan...

    4. then implement that decision of new provinces...

  • Dear Yahya

    If check the distribution above is not based on liking and disliking. It is basically to make the provinces equal in population and areas. The main reason of conflict in the provinces is the distribution of funds.

    In this case all the criteria like population, areas, backwardness, illiteracy and other can be addressed and every one get the right share. Then these provinces are responsible for their good and bad deeds.

    The 2nd advantage which i think if there is insurgency anywhere will not hit the whole province. Only specific province or area highlight in media local and foreign. Now only 10 to 20% of (by population and by area) of NWFP is affected by this war but in media the whole NWFP consider. So all the investor not go in detail they just see the headline and that is showing whole NWFP.

    Same we can argue with the scholars who came with this argument that expenses will increases. For them if u see all the divisional headquarter has the same administration structure as in provincial capital just need to consider this structure as provincial level structure not divisional such as AG office, DHQ, Tax Collector and so on.

    But this all require will be done after increasing awareness.

  • Remind you all this post 2 years back

    I suggested 5 provinces of Punjab on administrative basis, now from today resolution, my point of accepted 60% sure if the commission will established then not for only Punjab but for all other provinces my suggestion be route map.

    I am following my suggestion till now seven different provinces voices / resolution in public out of twenty. Mean almost 35% overall get acceptance @ top level.

    For Punjab

    Bahawalpur, south Punjab and rest

    For Gilgit Baltistan already done

    For FATA and HAZARA now every one recognizing their need.

    Inshallah for the better development of Pakistan our Elite class realize it, now matter even with very slow pace.

  • Good idea.

    Devolution of power is good for us.

  • Typical extremist approach. None or all. Going from 4 to 4X.

    Gimme a break.


    Just imagine Hillary Clinton meeting CM of Mahajir sooba Altaf Bobby. What will he say?? yeah, lets lift visa restriction between Pakistan and India if US gives him political asylum and green card.

  • It would be like Pathanistan CM talking to secretary of state and asking to merge all baby NWFPs and FATAs to Afghanistan with assistance of greencard holder Karzai. Baloch CMs would be pushing for resolutions passed at the US Congress for secession.

  • @BS & BO

    I think to come with logical points, do you know how big Maldova, do you know how big Kosov, do you know even how big Bosnia, do you know how big Sri Lanka and how many provinces, for your kind information for sri lanka population 20 million at 56th in world(Pakistan 10 time bigger), Area only 65,610 KM (same 10 time lesser then Pakistan) and education level @ 92.5% growth rate is 8.3%.

    Provinces in Sri lanka is nine. if you make this ration you need around 70 to 80 provinces.

  • @tahirnaseem

    Assuming your numbers are correct and your logic for projected figure of 70 to 80 provinces of Pakistan also, may I remind you the access baggage of bureaucracy, the staff salaries, perks and privileges, the protocol and other govt give aways coming with the posts of CM and governor. Unless you fix govt to a lean working machinery, a spring of provinces is a recipe of disaster and flood gate of corruption.

  • barackosama

    باوا جی

    وہ وقت گزر گیا کہ پنجابی چوپال میں جمع ہو کر اپنے فیصلے مل بانٹ کرلیں اس وقت ایک سندھی صدر اور ایک سرائیکی وزیراعظم نے پنجاب کی بلا دستی توڑنے کا عزم کر رکھا ہے اور یہ کام وہ اپنی جماعت میں شامل پنجابیوں اور اپنے اتحادیوں کی جماعتوں کی مدد سے کریں گے



    بارک اوسامہ جی

    میں نے کہا تھا ناں کہ پنجاب والے اپنے معاملات مل بیٹھکر حل کر لیں گے. اسکا ثبوت پنجاب اسمبلی میں صوبہ بہاولپور اور جنوبی پنجاب صوبے کی متفقہ قرار دادوں کی صورت میں سامنے ا چکا ہے

    یہ مکار اور منافق سندھی صدر, مجرم سرائیکی وزیراعظم اور الطاف کالیہ کے منہ پر وہ تماچہ ہے جسے وہ ساری عمر نہیں بھلا پائیں گے

    اب ہم سندھ میں نئے صوبے پر لتر پولا ہوتا دیکھنے کے منتظر ہیں

    :wink: :wink:

  • @BO

    Dear My figure are not supposition just go on Wikipedia and search for these countries.

    How they are managing all these expenses without (act as beggar we do all the time), dear all these managed by proper tax system.

    I think you just post for free time when ever criticize, please do some research

    here is link for study if you can

    @Bawa jee

    this is the fact like sun appear every day, you need the more provinces from all current, as i mentioned no relaxation for any holy province. These voices will come from interior you will listen soon not from Karachi.

  • طاہر نسیم بھائی

    آپ نے بالکل درست کہا ہے. کوئی صوبہ کوئی مقدس گائے نہیں ہے کہ اسے تقسیم نہیں کیا جا سکتا

    صوبے ضرور بننے چاہئیے اور تمام صوبوں کی تقسیم ہونی چاہئیے کیونکہ یہ وقت کی ضرورت ہے لیکن صوبوں پر سیاست نہیں ہونی چاہئیے

    نئے صوبے بننے سے نہ صرف اسٹبلشمنٹ بلکہ پی پی پی کی بھی چیخیں نکلیں گی

  • @bawa jee

    that is the point behind my idea.

    you really genius.

  • تماچہ نہیں ہے بھائی ، نون لیگ نے زرداری کا منہ چوم لیا ہے اور صدر پر جپی ما ری ہے یہ پی پی پی اور اتحادیوں کی کامیابی ہے اور نون کی مجبوری تھی جنھوں نے نون کو کا رنر کر رکھا ہے .. رہی بات سندھ کی تقسیم کی تو نون / پنجاب کتنا ہی زور لگا لے اسے سندھ کی تقسیم کے لئے کبھی بھی اکثریت نہیں مل سکتی سندھ کی حمکران جماعتیں ایم کیو ایم ایے این پی اور پی پی پی سندھ کی تقسیم کے خلاف ہیں

    صاف بات یہ ہے کہ پختونخواہ سندھ اور بلوچستان وڈے پرا سے کہ رہے ہیں اپنا بڑا پن تھوڑا کم کریں اور پنجاب کو بھی یہ بات سمجھ آرہی ہے کہ ساٹھ سالہ بالادستی مزید چل نہیں سکتی ورنہ باقی صوبوں میں معاملات مزید بگڑیں گے .. ویسے آ پ کو پیشگی مبارک با د اور سرائیکی بھیوں کو بھی :) ٩٠ پر دھمال پڑا ہے

  • bro tahirnaseem

    Neither Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Bosnia or Maldova are any significant countries for Pakistan to follow lead. However, the countries who have large number of provinces do not typically have corruption on scales it is in Pakistan.

  • I have also discussed this issue many times .

    If you follow Britishers only ,They worked hard to know about our people . We even didn't use their work .

    Just some bureaucrats with the 'Guidance' of military made all the decision . Making of 'One Unit' and than dividing into four provinces without thinking was the worst decisions .

    If you go into history and regional demands , You can find much better solution .