• I wonder wats jang group has been cooking for last few days. Today they have given an ad on front page stating:

    Bohat ho gaya UN ke Mutabiq

    Ab MERAY Mutabiq!

    Wat the hell R they up to?

  • Dr shahid must be coming back soon

  • i wish so!!!!!!!!!!

  • We must say dr shahid a big welcome on the mush's world again.Once I met him on Dubai airport and I just passed him comment that try to show his photo on and off to MUSH as both CJP and Dr shahid are most unwanted man on MUSH hit list.As CJP photo has been taken by our lawyers community and doing their job in well manner.this is only a way of decent and civilised men to torture a brutal dictaor

  • Yesterday when kamran khan was announcing that cj is restored n he is back.That time i wish that this announcement should be by Dr. shahid...i don't know why this Geo ppl give priority to kamran khan..he is not a good speaker or anchor...all the time fumbling n all.But Dr. shahaid,A man with Good Comand of Urdu wording n knowledge of Pak politics...i mean Geo ppl why they r trying to ignore him.we just want to see him on the Screen.His programme is Awesome.

  • Dr.Shahid s credibility has been badly damaged .

    and he himself is responsible for so.

  • Beenai,

    I would like to suggest you to please watch the 'come back' episode of Dr shahid Masud, he has accepted his mistake with a grace which is very rare in this part of the world. I see nothing wrong in joining the PTV, with good professionals, this establishment may improve.

  • @gustakh,

    i have seen his coming back show.

    he has done a mistake.

    accepting a Govt post is itself a bribery.

    crocodile tears are not enough or coloring everyone into the same black mud is not going to help him to get out of this MUD.

    unfortunately ...its his own choice .

  • The chances of Shahid Masood regaining his lost fame ahs the same chances as Zardari being a successful president.