NA 188 - BahawalNagar-I

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  • In this constituency Mian Shaukat Ali Laleka of PPP is in strong position. He was twice elcted as MPA in the past. A cusin of late abdul sattar laleka he benefits from the joya vote in the area, the PPP vote bank and the the divisions in the opposite camp.

    Last time this seat was won by Syed Asghar Ali Shah of PMLQ. This time he was denied a ticket by Q league. He is contesting as independent. Q league has awarded ticket to Khadim hussian Watoo. He was been elected multiple times as MPA and was minister of zakat in pervaiz elahi cabinet. This has caused divisons in this camp which contested last elections as one group.

    Dr. Noor Muhammad Ghaffari is PMLN candidate. A phd in islamic economics, he was elected as MNA in 1997on PMLN ticket but the formation of this constituency has changed since then as it no longer contains the bahawalnagar city which was his main strength.

    Once again i m currently not in the area but can comment as I have very closed links to the area but would luv to hear from someone in the constituency.