ANP anti Pakistan party

  • Haji Adeel of ANP says his heroes are Raja Dahir and Gandi not Muhammad Bin Qasim.

    To me this only confirms what I always felt about them when I listened to them. munaaafiq and baydeen.

  • Both Raja Dahir and Muhammad Bin Qasim are pre -Pakistan characters so no baring on being anti or pro-Pakistani.

  • ANP was a congress ally and was anti-AIML

    somehow our secular champions forget to name this party for their anti-pak role but are always quick to blame scholars-

  • hummm thats personal opinion, i dont think its ANP vision.... but any how if i take Mohammad Bin Qasim as hero then whats wrong with Gen. David Petraeus who is fighting against Al Qaida.?

  • check it brother and let me know your findings... you may want to begin with Bacha Khan's stance on partition :)

  • yap Bacha khan was against division of india so was Mullan Abu Alla Moududi, and Mulna ABdul Kalam .... i see same logic just like most of us are against division of Pakistan.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH,

    (1) ANP has max 15% vote bank in NWFP

    (2) Raja Dahir was a traitor of Muslims

    (3) Muhammad Bin Qasim was loyal to Muslims

    Haji Adeel is openly announcing his desire for committing treason against Muslims.

    It is interesting to note, a person is openly announcing his desire for committing treason, yet there's no reprisal against him from people of Pakistan.

    @expakistani: Oh common!. What Al-Qaeda ? Western people are calling them 'Al-CIAeda', meaning CIA created false flag hoax.

    Read more about False Flag on Wikipedia.

    USA and its allies have imposed their oppression on Arabs through;

    (a) their mass scale military presence in the region, as well as

    (b) buying/backing/supporting criminals or traitors of Muslims

    Don't you expect the Arabs to fight back ? ..and if they do, you'll call them 'terrorists' ?

    Sadqe! jaoon aap ki 'logic' ke.

    In this era, terrorists organizations like CIA;

    (a) topple regimes which are beneficial for their own people

    (b) install regimes which are beneficial for interests of USA, which is in-fact Jews/Zionists behind the curtain, who's pulling the strings

    (a) Have you not seen enough regime toppling examples in the last 110 years ?

    (b) Who carried them out ?

    (c) In who's interest were they carried out ?

    (d) Who benefited from it ?

    (e) Who suffered as a result of it ?

    Regimes means governments.

    Why is it so hard for you to gulp this reality ?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH,

    Here is some of the history of USA toppling regimes. Its from Wikipedia, which means their own people are writing about it;


    (1) Covert United States foreign regime change actions

    (2) CIA_sponsored_regime_change

  • Salam,

    """ANP was a congress ally and was anti-AIML"""

    So was Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind :)))

    BTW wasn't it some mullah who called Quaid-e-Azam 'Kafir-e-Azam' (naql-e-kufr ---- kufr na bashad :) )


    Aik Kafira kee khatir deen ko chohra

    Yeh Quaid-e-Azam hay ya Kafir-e-Azam


  • hariskhan,

    """(2) Raja Dahir was a traitor of Muslims"""


    Raja Dahir was Hindu and he was ruling Hindus, then how can he be called 'traitor of Muslims' ???

    """(3) Muhammad Bin Qasim was loyal to Muslims"""

    Then why did Muslims kill him brutally ???

    BTW if he was loyal to muslims then what's a big deal in it as he himself was a Muslim !!!!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH,

    Muhammad Bin Qasim is believed to have been killed because of internal power struggle in Muslims UMMAH/Empire.

  • ANP ideology and Jamiat-e-Ulama-e-Hind ideology are two different things, though I disagree with both but that is not the subject here...

  • I have read somewhere that Mohd bin Qasim was sent to Sind to catch some anti-Khalifa most probably Shias (Abdullah Shah Ghazi was amongst them) and Raja Dahir's crime was that he gave asylem to those very Shias !!!!

  • so, is that why ANP is anti-pakistan?

  • @expakistani

    Maulana Maududi wasn't against the creation of Pakistan and Maulana Azad opted to bow b4 the secular democracy and were satisfied with protected rights for Muslims in the secular constitution of Bharat.

  • "Maulana Maududi wasn't against the creation of Pakistan"

    He absolutely was and called Pakistan Na-Pakistan. Don't try to rewrite history.

    Maulana Azad was congressi pure and simple.

  • ANP is far more patriotic party than JI etc.

  • ANP, JI and JUIF all opposed pakistan movement in 40's.

    when they failed then got managed passing Objective Resolution soon after sad demise of Quide Azam.

    Futher they joined hands with military dictators,

    then were used as toilet tissue paper in rent a jehad of 80' and got $$$$$$$$$$$ and madrissas with land cruisers.

    Then remained part and parcel of PPP and PML governments.

    Then provided shoulders to Mush/USA.

    Now, they are par and parcel of Zardari government.

    Since 1950 till today they are on driving seat and created hell in our national immage.

    They have converted our national goal from social welfare state to corrupt state and promoted corruption and talibans.

    True face of all these three parties are now open to our nation.

    They can not fool us for ever.

  • how are 'they' in driving seat? driving seat is fully under the control of the prevailing global order..

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