How long before we get another General Ayub, Zia or Musharraf

  • I am really interested in knowing what the rest of the community feels about the current situation of Pakistan, and where we are heading. Is the current situation going to get better or worst, will the people of Pakistan get frustrated and welcome another martial law? How long before we give up because we cant take it anymore and welcome dictatorship in anticipation of economic and social relief. Or is there another way out of this? give Imran Khan a chance? Have a bloody revolution led by the people and not the army? or hope that Allah (swt) makes everything better the next time we wake up in the morning.

    This is an unbiased discussion, i want to know what everyone things and what are our options.

  • Democracy is a long and tedious journey.Sixty some years is too short a period in the history of a nation.Our biggest problem is the lack of civic responsibility and the media is busy in sensationalism to get better rating for their shows.They have to educate the common man so that we can get out of this vicious cycle of dictators and corrupt politicians.

  • Not very long; sooner or later another Army ruler will run this country. Army is a political party like other parties. They are well organized and have strict discipline in their ranks. They too enjoy support among sizeable number of population.

  • dear zia m,

    how long is that journey of democracy and why is it so tedious? or perhaps a deception, a mirage :)

    why do you say it started sixty years ago while we see that it had begun 200 years ago under british raj, were people not running for elections, were people not part of assemblies and legislature under british raj? some people like javed sheikh are found mourning for british defeat because these brown sahib found that period to be the golden age of sub-continent, why?

    families, tribes, beradaries, peoples participating under colonial maintained assemblies/elections are continuing today, pick some and you will find their loyalty with british such as sir shah nawaz bhutto or many nawabs of balochistan were groomed by british maids or chaudaries or vaderas, they all had been participating in british democracy, after 1945 when british decided and passed legislation in their parliament on partition same people continued in power, british were far too clever to let the corridors of power fall into the hands of those who always rebelled against them :)

  • Every democracy is followed by a martial law in Pakistan. The simple reason is that the democracies established by feudal lords can only result into big failures ;to be followed naturally by martial laws. Any other dictator coming into power should firstly abolish feudalism by force, then the following democracy shall be successful like that of India. The name of any such dictaor abolishing feudalim will be written in the books of history with golden words.

  • Not in Pakistan, one more dictator and Pakistan will split up once more. Pakistan's media and so called educated middle class loves dictators and army not the masses.

    @ hussain: democracy has been established by feudal lords, kings and dukes all over the world.

    @ salam: propose an alternate or stop whining

  • zardari is a dictator implanted through NRO brokered by US/UK

  • Looking from where this country is headed, seems like it wont be too long till we see a military dictator once again.

    I would support anyone who thinks for the betterment of the country, gets rid of the corrupt politicians (Zardari, Sharifs, Hussain, Chaudhrys etc) and corrupt religious fanatics (JI, LeT etc).

    I really wish this country witnesses really democracy ONE day!

  • I don't see them taking over again for at least 5 years maybe even longer, it all depends on the civil war dying down if the Yanks leave. The Pakistani state may stay embroiled in this WOT for many years to come even after the yanks have left this area.

  • What I think is that this wretched government will complete it's tenure, and then NS would be given a chance to deliver, and if he does deliever, democracy has a good future in Pakistan and if he doesn't, then I don't think the army will stay quite for a longtime. And then they'll eventually takeover, the situation would get worse than before, and people being weary of the politicians and the generals, would hit the streets and then there will be a direct confrontation between the public and the elite. (REVOLUTION)

    hmm, or well maybe not. Maybe people will just accept dictatorship as their fate and will just sit at home.


  • @Umer.

    Wow..u already know the next election results..

    now we can skip the selections and save some money.

  • @Umer.

    Wow..u already know the next election results..

    now we can skip the selections and save some money.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    This thread must'v been started by a MQM lover. For MQM can't survive without Army 'gifting' them parliamentary seats or supporting them in other ways, etc etc.

    @UmeR: Will you be one of those who accept dictatorship, as well as choose to remain at home ?

    @sasherwani: You disappoint again (i.e., corrupt religious fanatics), as usual. $me shakes head.

  • @ Haris,

    Most of the mulla tullaz will find my post disappointing.


  • @ Runaway

    Well, If one has some political sense, they'll tell you PMLN will be the ones forming a government after the next elections. And as it is said, opposition is the government in waiting.

    @ Haris khan,

    No! I will never accept dictatorship. But I'll sit at home, anyway. :P

  • I dont think so Mushy would be again seen as a ruler/dictator of Pakistan in near future...he will not only be rejected and opposed by democratic forces in Pakistan,especially the major ones like PPP,PMLN,JI,PTI....second is Media...also Judiciary if any case will be filed against him by political parties...under these threats,there are no chances for him to be in President house again...

    I also think PPP very wisely playing their cards,will complete their tenure,then Nawaz will come...

    But Pakistan is a land where unexpected things often happen so nothing can be said with surety...i just pray whatever happens,happens for the good of our people now!

  • @ Rhyme,


    People were more sure about democracy's prevailance during the infamous ZABhutto's era. Yet dictatorship followed with Zia. What makes you so sure that a dictator like Musharraf cannot overthrow a highly unpopular Zardari?

    Secondly, I have always considered Zardari an 'evil' genious. He's like the devil who is really smart and is able to make an idiot out of what God calls Ashraf-ul-Makhluqaat. I wish Zardari was on Pakistan's side! I agree to you that he shall finish his 5 yr term but noway is Nawaz Sharif returning back to power. This I can guarantee you :) Nawaz ruled in an era where media was completely controlled. Now almost half of Nawaz's party has been exposed with cases of rapes, murder, credit card frauds, corruption, illegal imports, tax evasions. Trust me, even ppl of his own city dont support him as much as they used to 10 yrs ago.

    Thirdly, Pakistan is not a land where the unexpected happens. We have been over 60 yrs ruled by corrupt politicians and generals. Nothing has changed. Our religious parties are still as corrupt as they used to be. Our legal system is still a mess. Our police is corrupt. This as someone called it - is a nation of sleepwalkers!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @sasherwani: (1) What makes you think Mr. Z.A Bhutto was any better ?

    (a) Wasn't he a feudal ?

    (b) Didn't he raise hollow slogans of 'roti, kaprha, makan' ?

    (c) Didn't he struggle to secure interests of feudals in Pakistan ?

    What crack are you smoking ?

    (2) Evil genius ? Try;

    (a) 'foolish moron'

    (b) 'stupid fool'

    (c) etc etc

    That'd be more like it.

    (3) Corruption stems from a small group between people of Pakistan

  • sooner or later this time has to come , as we can see ,nobody but our politicians are trying hard for this time to come even more sooner ...

  • @ Haris

    I never said Bhutto was better. I said he was 'popular' or 'infamous'. I am not a supporter of ZABhutto (particularly due to his centralization tactics) but he sure as hell was 'popular'! Its his popularity that's still being used as a bait to capture votes by PPP that currently rules Pakistan. You think Zardari couldve been Pakistan's president had he not married Bhutto's daughter?

    And yes I do consider Zardari as an 'evil genious' (even when I'm not smoking crack ;)). Why so? coz the bstrd makes money from places noone could ever have imagined. Whether its in the form of kickbacks, realestate, loans, sovgn funds, private equity, bhatta, tax evasions, soft aids, share capitals, venture capitals, import/export taxations, tenders, royalties, FV changes, stock markets, bonds, bribes etc etc etc!

    Imagine if he was using his brain to raise funds for Pakistan! Im sure he would come up with a million 'legal' ways.